Week 11- MysterySkype Lesson Plan

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Develop a lesson plan, using a lesson plan form used in your school/district, that would make use of mystery skype or another global connection program, discussed in an earlier assignment, to connect for learning with students in another culture.  Upload the plan to this assignment for 20 points.

Dan Bradley

EDU: 657- Global Connections in Education



  • Turn of the Century US Immigration

Lesson Objective:

  • Evaluate the purposes and steps European and Asian immigrants took in their travels from their homelands to becoming American citizens.

Materials Needed:

  • Personal Laptops/ Access to school library
  • Screen/Projector for MysterySkype presentation
  • Word/Google Docs/ Pen-Paper to take notes

Lesson Overview:

  • To help identify and learn more about the immigrant past of our country and the idea of the “Melting Pot,” students will research common reasons for immigration to the United States in the early 1900s. Following reasons for immigration, students will research both Ellis and Angel Island and the immigration process through those centers.

Introduction: 10 minutes

  • Pass out Do Now for students as they come into the room asking them to write down any and all knowledge they have on early 20th century immigration to the US. After a few minutes, hold brief class share on anything the students wrote down
  • Introduce topic for the day and pass out guided notes for PowerPoint on 20th century US immigration

Continuation: 65 minutes

  • Begin and finish PowerPoint stopping when necessary to clarify questions and asking question necessary to ensure the class is staying together with the information and understand what is going on
  • Once PowerPoint is finished, the class will move to the MysterySkype Virtual tour of Angel Island
    • As the students move through the virtual tour, students will take notes on the information they see and hear from the tour
  • After the tour is complete students will begin independent research on both immigration centers and begin to create their immigrant character

Closing: 5 minutes

  • At the end of the class students will take part in a quick class share sharing 2 pieces of interesting information that they found during their independent research and their favorite aspect of the virtual tour.
  • For homework, students will complete the immigration character

Continuation: Students will further research on the common 20th century immigration process through both Ellis and Angel Islands, and create an immigrant character based off the information that they have gathered, or based on past family connections, and take part Harkness Discussion from the perspective of their created character.