Week 12- Reflection

E12- ref0502

How has your knowledge, skills, and dispositions been enhanced by this seminar?  Write an essay of at least 250 words outlining 10 ideas and 5 memorable readings that you will be taking away from this experience.

Dan Bradley

EDU: 657- Global Connections in Education



Going into this course, I was excited to learn more about cultural inclusion in my classroom, and believe I achieved my goal of becoming more culturally aware and cognizant for the betterment of my students. There were several class readings that not only helped influence my teaching, but that I actually referenced with my students. Most notably, the Peace Corps Workbook was something that I referred back to several times during our Social Psych unit in my AP course. With so many aspects of cultural learnings and differences, it was a seamless and helpful reading to share with my students that gave real world examples and definitions. A second reading that stuck out to me was the Social Barometers readings. I remember being confused at first in regards to what to look for, but as I worked through the information I began finding it very interesting. Using different gauges to measure success, education, happiness, in cultures allowed for a very interesting look into how cultures value certain things, and how they value them. The next reading I found interesting was Week 5s analysis of school effectiveness. The reading from Connecticut was something that stood out to me, because I knew there were manufacturing plants in this state, but not the extent article laid out. Connecticut schools should try and cater more to the needs of the area to help highly qualified students stay in the state. From the same week, the article I read about the general European view of their incoming workforce was another reading I found to be quite interesting. The general European perspective was higher generally trained and educated college graduates was the most preferable for employers. They were more willing to spend money on, specific on-the-job training, than the Connecticut employers cited to be. It was fascinating to see how many local employers expected new employees to already have several specific skills rather than a higher general intelligence and willingness to spend on specific job training. The last reading I found to be memorable was not so much of a reading, as a learning activity. The Implicit Bias Test offered by Harvard I found to be something that can create an extremely deep and meaningful classroom discussion on prejudice and discrimination in any numbers of areas. Though I believe it should be done with a mature and older group, and being extremely clear on what implicit biases actually are, the educational opportunities the test can offer are something that I very much believe in.