Useful Technology for the Classroom

Google Translate

Being able to quickly translate between languages makes more a more successful classroom and can aid in the completion work that is more content focused than English comprehension.

Kahoot (

A very easy to use website where you can create quick and easy quizzes. Students can download the app on their phone, or access from computers during class time and allows for a great fun and informal way to gauge student understanding.

Kids’ Vocab – MindSnacks (

A downloadable app for students. It has nine games focusing on several skills including “context, spelling, categorization, etymology, roots and affixes with 350 pertinent vocabulary words – all based on the common core standards.” The app uses ineractive games to help teach these skills rather than just simple memorization.

Flashcardlet by Quizlet (*/id403199818?mt=8)

Either yourself or students can use the app or website to upload individualized vocabulary lists to study. You can use personal or website generated definitions and even include images to go along with vocabulary words.

Phrase Maze App (

An interactive app that allows EL students the ability to practice creating phrases or sentences with common social language, or using content-specific vocabulary. The game will give the student a hint, and from the hint they have to pick the correct tiles in order to correctly answer the question.