Issues / Trends: Connecticut Field Trip Destinations

Here is a short list of locations to get your students out of the classroom and have a fun and educational experience. I tried to highlight locations that may not be as well known, but offer fantastic learning experiences.

Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum

The WBD Musuem located in the center of the state, offers an amazing chance for students to experience 18th and 19th century America. Aside from numerous tours, and events, the Museum also hosts educational programs for students and teachers alike to have a hands-on experience with the material as well. This field trip would be great for all ages, but specifically can be used in Grades 3, 8, and High School as all incorporate Connecticut and United States history. To learn more about the Webb-Deane- Stevens Musuem, click here.

New England Air Museum

The New England Air Museum is located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, only a short 10 minute ride from Bradley Airport. The NEAM offers a vast collection of planes, engines, interactive simulators and much more. An underutilized resource, the NEAM would be sure to excite your students about aviation history. This field trip, though certainly interesting for all age groups, fits Grade 8 and up the best. Being that aviation is predominately a more modern invention, these grades deal with this time-frame much better. To learn more about the New England Air Museum, click here.

Connecticut River Museum

The Connecticut River Museum, located in Essex, CT, provides students with rich resources to learn more about the impact the Connecticut River has had on this state, and country. From Native American artifacts, the first submarine, to taking a ride on a Schooner, your students will gain a greater appreciation for Connecticut’s nautical history. In addition to this Museum, Essex offers several other destinations that your students will enjoy to make a true day trip. This field trip, like the WBD Museum, would be great for Grades 3, 5, 8, and High School, as the topics covered match the standards addressed in these grades, and the material is fitting for all age groups. To learn more about the Connecticut River Museum, click here.

Museum of Connecticut History

Museum of Connecticut History

The Museum of Connecticut History, located in Hartford, Connecticut, offers a great look at where our state started and what it is like today. Continuously updating, and changing their exhibits, a trip to the Museum will always bring about new learning. Often times, schools will combine a tour of the State House, with the Museum to give a even greater exploration, though by no means do you need to. Being focused on Connecticut history, this field trip is fantastic for 3rd Grade, and the adjoining grades and frameworks that focus on American history, all the way through High School. To learn more about the Museum of Connecticut History, click here.


American Museum of Tort Law

The American Museum of Tort Law, located in Winsted, CT, offers museum goers the ability of learning all about the evolution of Tort law. What is Tort law you ask? Well, schedule your visit today to find out! With interactive pieces, and important historical, and current cases, you and your students will leave with a much greater understanding that Tort law has on all of our lives. This field trip would be great in 2nd Grade, and learning the basics of civics, and for high school students taking the actual Civics course. To learn more about the American Museum of Tort Law, click here.