Issues/ Trends: Apps and Tech for your classroom

Below is a brief list of fun and engaging apps and technology to use within your Social Studies classroom.!

Kahoot is a great piece if technology to use within your class. As a teacher you can create, or use a preexisting, quiz about whatever topic you are teaching. Students can access the quiz either on a computer, or their phones. It makes for some good competition, and at the end, you can print out the results and get a great piece of data to help give a formative assessment, of how your students are doing with the topic.


iCivics is another great free app to use with your class. Though it may seem young for certain students, the app does a great job of walking you through key aspects of what it means to be an American citizen. Covering personal civil liberties, the court system, and the powers of the three branches of government, to name a few, you can personalize the assignments by grade level to keep it as appropriate as possible for all of your students.


Cuba’s Day: The Cuban Missile Crisis

This app allows the student to be in charge of possibly the most intense event of American history. Listed at $.99, it seems to be free at the Google App store, but regardless, a very affordable addition to your classroom. The app allows up to 18 different results from which actions the students choose. It should be noted that there are some intensive reading aspects to this game.


Think Like Churchill

Listed at $3.99, it is still an affordable app, that gets very strong reviews. Students will be exposed to numerous primary sources, and the life story, and decisions Churchill had to make during his life and career. However, it is not just viewing the decisions, the students will be making the decisions as well. Much the Cuba’s Day app, the interactive aspect of this app is the true selling point.